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couple dance

Looking for a great night of dance entertainment?

Let the Joy of Dance Studio put on a show for your function or event! Latin Dances or Sabor a Tango is the Studio’s troupe of tangueros, who have toured in New York, Delaware, and all throughout the Washington, DC area. They have performed at the Gunston Theater in Arlington, VA, The World Bank in Washington DC, and at many other private social events.

Popular Hot Dance Shows

Argentine Tango, Milonga, Cha-cha, Salsa, Jive, and Hustle.

If you would like dancing after the professional Argentine tango or ballroom dancing shows, including Viennese Waltz, Brazilian Samba, Swing, Belly Dancing and much more, the dancers are available to teach and assist your guests.

Professional Dance Shows Prices

  • 1 couple 3 dances (metro area) $490. 2 dances $390. 1 dance $190.
  • 2 couples 3 dances (metro area) $890. 2 dances $590. 1 dance $290.
  • 3 couples 3 dances (metro area) $1,290. 2 dances $890 1 dance $490.
  • 1 and 1/2 hour group class $175.

Out of town dance shows must include transportation and hotel expenses
All dance shows will include free ½ hour mini dance class for your guests
Call us at the last minute dance show at 301 452-3787


couple dance


 Weddings Dance Shows

 Wedding dance shows are also available to entertain your guest

 301 452-3787

 Open 7 days a week

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